About Us

Testrite Home Design products are designed, manufactured, and shipped by Testrite Instrument Company, Hackensack NJ. Testrite was founded in 1919. Testrite is a US manufacturer with a reputation for quality and value.

 Testrite has leveraged its decades of manufacturing experience in the design and production of SideBar.

 Testrite is looking for partners to sell SideBar and our future items to their customers. Testrite has a long history of selling through partners. Over 90% of Testrite sales each year are through resellers. If you represent a retailer or reseller interested in distributing SideBar, reach out to CustomerService@Testrite.com and they'll put you in touch with a member of our Management team.

 Testrite is family owned and operated. The products are made in our own factory in Hackensack NJ, and ship from our factory.

 Have an idea for a new product that you want produced, reach out! You can learn more about the other types of products Testrite manufactures at www.TestriteOEM.com for OEM Manufacturing (where we manufacture products and components for other companies) and www.Testrite.com for Visual Display products.