Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SideBar meant for use indoors or outdoors?
Sidebar is equally comfortable on the grass by your firepit as it is in your
living room.

 How heavy is the stand to move it around?
SideBar weighs ~11 lbs, making it portable. The easiest way to move it, first ensure it's empty, then pick it up from the middle of the upright.

Tell me more about the finish
SideBar is made from aluminum and HRPO steel and powder coated in an outdoor grade powder coat. The screws are stainless steel. While the stand will last for many years if well cared for, chips and scratches can and will occur. If the steel parts are scratched or chipped you will see rust develop in those areas. The stand will continue to hold drinks, food, and generally be a great sidekick. In real life scratches happen, don't sweat it.

What's the return policy?
We want you to love your SideBar. Take a look at your SideBar when you receive it. If you're missing any parts or have an issue email Make sure to include your order # and a picture of the issue. If you decide you want to return an order within the first 14 days after receipt, there's a return and restocking fee of $25, and we will supply a prepaid return label. Please make sure to pack the unit back the way it came to you. If the unit arrives with damage additional charges will apply. We're not a big corporation, so we'll try to make it right, but we also don't have Amazon's deep pockets =-)

I got SideBar but my dog ate the instructions. How do I put it together?
You can open the SideBar instructions here